How to prevent unauthorized connection to your Wi-Fi?


Is your internet slowing down for no apparent discernible reason and no warning? Do you find it takes an inordinate amount of time to download files and videos are practically impossible to watch? But does all this happen only sometimes?

You may have fallen victim to a Wi-Fi black passenger and need to quickly and forcefully end their access to your Internet connection. There are a few ways to spot black passengers using your Wi-Fi signal. We’ll show you what options there are and how to learn how to defend against the use of your Internet connection by strangers.

How do black passengers connect to your WiFi?

Often strangers can easily guess your password. Therefore, never underestimate its power, even if you remember “1234” or “12345678” better. A good alternative for forgetful people is, for example, whole sentences that a black passenger eager for a free connection to your Internet can hardly guess.

The question remains whether someone is connecting to your Wi-Fi without permission just for the sake of free internet, or with more nefarious intentions, such as stealing and misusing your personal data and information. So keep in mind that sharing your password with people you don’t live in the same household with can backfire on you.

Where can I find unwanted WiFi guests and how to block them?

The first step to spotting a Wi-Fi thief should be to write down all the devices that connect to it. Then find out their IP addresses, which you can find after writing the command ipconfig/all in the command line. Among them you will also find the IP of your router. Thanks to it (after typing it into the Internet browser) you will be able to log in to the information page about the given router.

On the page you will see a list of all the IP addresses that are connecting to your Wi-Fi. If their number and IP addresses match your list, then the parasite has avoided you. If not, it’s time to block the internet tick and change your password. If your router allows it, set up WPA2 protection as well and maybe limit the Wi-fi range to only the places where you actually move. More modern routers have a clear administration with an overview of all connected devices. Everything is understandable even for less experienced users.

WiFi will be protected by connection control applications

If the above-mentioned procedure seems too complicated to you, applications that check all connections to your network will come in handy. These include, for example, Net Scan or WiFi Inspector for Android devices. Anyway, don’t let yourself get ripped off and at least once in a while, instead of cursing at slow internet, check if one of your neighbors is to blame for it,  who is draining data and reducing speed.