Our team consists of a stable and experienced core of designers, which is constantly growing with new junior members.

We want to achieve to be among the best projection companies in the telecommunication industry. We believe we can achieve this through honest teamwork, cooperation with other related departments (acquisition, construction, D2D), fair dealing with the customer and a proactive approach. Together we help each other, learn and move forward – as one team.

Losky liniové stavby

Linear constructions

Losky základnové stanice

Base stations

Losky rádiové spoje

Radio links

Are you going to expand your line constructions to a new city, part of a city or village?

Do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you with the preparation and subsequent implementation.

We provide our services throughout the territory of the Czech Republic and in our neighbors. We implement projects ranging from statutory cities to smaller municipalities or development projects.
I want a linear construction
Přípojení na optiku

Are you planning a change to your transmitters or the actual construction or reconstruction of the base station?

Do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you not only with the implementation, but also prepare the project itself for you.

We know the network of base stations as our shoes. The results of our work therefore affect the lives of the majority of the population on the Czech market.
I want BTS
Losky systém základnových stanic

Do you need to connect your client or expand the availability of your Wi-Fi network?

Work with experts who have more than ten years of experience.

Do not hesitate to contact us and we will solve your orders to the satisfaction of you and your clients. Use us to expand and move your business.
I want wifi
Přípojení na optiku

Are you planning to purchase photovoltaics for your apartment or family house?

We can create design documentation for photovoltaic tenders

We have extensive experience with photovoltaics through our energy division ENERGO LOSKY. We understand your needs.

I want PV

Are you solving a specific problem?

Find answers in our Advisor.

Through our online advisor, we help the public navigate the specifics of telecommunications, the Internet, and energy self-sufficiency.

LOSKY Advisor