How to set up a WiFi router so that neighbors do not connect to it?


WiFi routers are commonplace in most homes today, but only a small percentage of users deal with their thorough security. LOSKY brings you several tips on how to protect your private WiFi network from black passengers, attackers, or even a neighbor who might try to guess your password.

How to solve slow internet

Although nowadays the internet reaches high quality in big cities and in many places of the Czech Republic, some parts of the country are still not at their best with average speed, coverage and quality of internet connection. These are often less populated areas or mountains.

According to our survey, we found out how satisfied users are with the services of existing connection providers. And what is the result? Inhabitants of some mountainous areas or locations with a lower population density with insufficient access to the Internet are most troubled by low speed together with insufficient signal stability.

If this is compounded by the problem that the home WiFi is not working properly and the router is slowing down the already poor connection, something needs to be done about the situation. LOSKY provides a solution for a fast, reliable and stable Internet connection using optical cables. If you want faster internet in your home, village or city, you have no choice but to look for other options. One of the modern variants is the acquisition of an optical network.

Do you want to find out if the router is set up correctly and if WiFi is really only used by your devices?

Detection of black passengers on a WiFi router

Each device connected to the router can be clearly identified using the so-called MAC/IP address. Use a network scanner to get an overview of all connected MAC addresses. It is a simple free application that you can install on your smartphone. Just search for keywords like WiFi Analyzer, Network Tools or WiFi Inspector. You start the application and immediately see which devices are connected.

You can also check devices connected to WiFi directly from the router configuration. You connect to the web administration according to the instructions for the router. Look for Wireless Statistics (or something similar) in your router settings. In the statement you will find all currently connected devices, including uninvited guests. With modern routers, it is easy to block black passengers and prevent them from using the WiFi network and your private paid tariff.

How to properly secure a home WiFi router?

Not sure how to properly secure your home WiFi? The easiest way for an ordinary user is to set a sufficiently strong password. Although it doesn’t seem like it, the password is usually very easy to guess. Attackers who know you have an advantage. Pet’s name, street name, date of birth, maiden name, name of favorite music band, 12345678, or “123password321” and other ways to choose a password will challenge anyone who tries to become a black passenger on the waves of your private Internet connection and tariff.

Generate a really strong password for your WiFi router, combining lowercase and uppercase characters, special characters and numbers. You don’t need to remember it, the router device will do it for you. Save your password either in a password manager, or print it out or write it down on paper and keep it safe. It is important to set the router to the highest security type, usually WPA2-PSK. It resists not only black passengers, but also attackers or surveillance, which cannot be ruled out for anyone in today’s era of more frequent cyber attacks.

Fast internet is a must for WiFi router security

Do you have a good WiFi router security, but your internet is still slow? In that case, it is advisable to think about changing the internet connection provider. The transition is surprisingly easy. It is advisable to contact a provider that offers a linear optical connection. At LOSKY we will help you how to do it.