Do you need internet for work and fun? What to watch out for.


Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine a normal day without the Internet. What’s the difference between a connection that’s good for work and one that’s perfect for reliable, fast online entertainment? Find out what to look out for when choosing or changing providers.

From e-mail communication to online movies

A survey of Internet users found out what people use the Internet most often for. The results are really interesting and show that the Internet is indeed a regular part of most users’ day from morning to night. The distribution of time between communication, writing, social networks, film and music, sharing and other activities is surprisingly balanced. In first place was communication, which includes not only work e-mails, but also, for example, increasingly popular online meetings.

The same survey also asked users what they did not like about the Internet from the current provider. Here, the lack of connection stability won by a large margin, which is a very bad combination given the high popularity of communication and multimedia. For ordinary web browsing, occasional speed fluctuations are much less of a problem than when downloading videos or needing to quickly solve a work assignment.

Internet connection according to individual needs

Try to ask yourself how you use the Internet. Then choose a tariff according to what you do most often on it. A number of providers offer a stable internet connection throughout the Czech Republic, especially those offering optical cables. Internet tariffs with a speed of up to 400 Mbps will suit demanding customers. Those who need to upload a large amount of data to the Internet prefer a higher upload. If, on the other hand, you need to download more data, the tariffs on the optical network can be set so that a higher speed is reserved for download.

In places where tariffs for optical cables are not available, it is possible to use one of the ADSL tariffs. Also with these tariffs you will be faced with the decision of which speed to choose. If you have no idea, get some advice. When making a decision, just remember that more than one of your devices can be using the Internet connection at the same time. In addition to a computer, practically every household also has a laptop, a tablet and a host of smart phones. All these devices need internet.

You can change the settings on the Internet

A huge advantage of some internet tariffs is the possibility to change their settings. How does it work in practice? As soon as you accidentally find that the selected Internet speed is not enough for you, you can increase it yourself.

Choose fast and stable internet

The advertised 100 Mbps will be great for downloading large files and watching online video. The Internet connection should adapt to your needs, regardless of whether you need to work or just want to have fun and relax.