What is DUR and why will you be glad that we solve it for you at Losky

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The start of new construction, including the acquisition of a new linear fiber optic cable for faster internet for municipalities and cities, requires a demanding documentation process. One of the main documents that enable the start of construction, including the laying of linear optical cables from LOSKY, is the documentation for the zoning decision, or DUR decision.

What different activities will we handle for you in Losky during the planning permission process for the start of construction?

Processing of all the necessary documentation for zoning decisions by LOSKA is our great advantage. Other companies do not provide such a comprehensive service. LOSKY will simplify the demanding, lengthy and often confusing authorization process for those interested in a linear optical connection.

Obtaining documentation for a zoning decision is complicated, LOSKY will help you

In order to be able to have linear optical internet installed in your family or apartment building or company headquarters, you need to deal with a rather complex bureaucratic process of obtaining documentation for a zoning decision (according to decree no. 499/2006 Coll. as amended by amendment 62/2013 Coll. as amended), which is intended for the location of the building or equipment. Includes

1) Accompanying report – data on construction, breakdown and technological equipment, list of input documents

2) Summary technical report – description of the area where the cable will be laid, connection to the infrastructure, landscaping solutions, description of environmental impacts and other factors

3) Situational and construction drawings – detailed situational drawings of the land, cable location, connections and other engineering networks, etc. (verify – documents, sources, on the Internet there are descriptions rather for construction)

4) Documentation for DUR – ground plans, sections, basic views, connections to the infrastructure, visualization of the building

5) Documentary part of the DUR – binding opinions, decisions, assessments and statements of the authorities concerned, but also opinions of the owners of public transport and technical infrastructure, or the results of negotiations during the processing of documentation for zoning decisions

What is the Projection and Engineering division of LOSKY in charge of?

If you order the acquisition of a new, faster optical Internet for your company, municipality or city from Loska, we will provide you with all the necessary documentation and legislative matters. This will save you a lot of time and worry in a rather complex legislative procedure, which can be very difficult and confusing for individuals.

What LOSKA’s project activity entails:

  • Analysis and evaluation
  • Client requirements
  • Conditions for processing DUR
  • Drawing documentation
  • Discussion of documentation with the client
  • Processing of documentation for zoning decisions
  • Provision of documents
  • Pre-negotiation of documentation with the relevant authorities – estimates – please add what is relevant according to the client

Engineering activities of LOSKA:

  • Provision of binding opinions and opinions of the authorities concerned
  • Securing the statements of available participants in the proceedings
  • Provision of documents for territorial management
  • Ensuring the issuance of a zoning decision or zoning approval processing the details of the proposal for the issuance of a zoning decision
  • Location of the line structure

What is DUR?

One of the many documents that need to be created during construction is the DUR, or documentation for zoning decisions (or documentation for zoning). It is part of the project documentation, which begins with an architectural study representing the construction concept, followed by a DUR, which is processed if the land use plan on the building site does not approve the use of this space for construction purposes. The DUR serves as a basis for the decision of the building authority, which then issues a building permit.

What is territorial management?

The entire process of settlement of a zoning decision, which includes the DUR, is called zoning proceedings. This determines whether any new construction, including linear construction, as designed, can be located and built on a specific site. Construction experts then assess whether the proposed construction project, including the laying of optical cables, is in accordance with the spatial plan and connection to the surrounding infrastructure, or whether it does not interfere with other engineering networks (water, sewage, electricity). The zoning procedure is followed by the building procedure (obtaining a building permit or announcing the construction).

DUR includes:

  • Construction feasibility study
  • Processing of zoning proceedings (factors: route length)
  • Resolution of futures contracts (factors: number of participants / owners)
  • Route pre-measurement
  • Addressing environmental issues

The documentation for the zoning decision serves as one of the main documents for the decision of the relevant authorities on the development of the area. It is therefore necessary that it be processed with quality and without errors, so that the construction can be permitted. We at LOSKY will be happy to help you with this. Clients can use our services and save a lot of time, work with preparation, worries with circulation of offices. (what other advantages does the client have if he has the DUR processed by Loska and does not do the documentation himself?)

Not everyone can process the documentation for a zoning decision, but it must be written by an expert, for example a designer. We save time and costs for companies, municipalities and cities and arrange everything simply for you. The content of such documentation and the price of its preparation then differ depending on the scope of the project or the individual requirements of the client.

Advantages of LOSKA processing documentation for territorial management:

What benefits can you expect if you have the laying of the line structure of the optical cable ensured by LOSKA, including the documentation for the zoning decision?

  • Effectiveness of zoning and construction management
  • Speeding up negotiations with the authorities
  • Significant simplification of the process for you
  • It saves your worries
  • A big saving of your time
  • Greater certainty of success in dealing with the authorities and the chance of obtaining a building permit
  • Experience and expertise of a large company in the market
  • Good price

Glossary of terms:

  • Documentation for combined zoning and construction management
  • Content of documentation for territorial management
  • What is a construction feasibility study and what is it for?
    It includes organized information and documents related to the evaluation of the construction and assessment of the feasibility of the given construction plan. It assesses the economic and technical aspects of the construction and the impact on the environment, as well as the usefulness of the project for various target groups, or the project schedule. It verifies which is the best possible option, mentions possible risks. Experts from the field of law, engineers, economists or the environment are involved. It investigates various possibilities for the application of new technology, including linear optical structures from LOSKY. It is also used for drawing subsidies from the EU. It answers questions about whether there will be interest in the product and service, and whether it can make money.