What is the cost of photovoltaics?

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Are solar panels worth it? The price, and the return associated with it, is the basic decision-making criterion for the acquisition of a photovoltaic power plant (PVE).

How much does it cost to build a PV plant?

Depending on the size of the FVE, the purchase price can vary from CZK 100,000 and above. However, with the rising cost of energy, installing a PV system on the roof is still advantageous. Subsidies from the European Union can also help you with financing [click on the article about EU subsidies].

The total amount depends not only on the number of panels, but also on other items such as consumption, performance of the panels and their lifespan. Cheaper types may have lower performance and lifespan. In order to find the most advantageous solutions for your housing, you can submit a non-binding inquiry and consult experienced specialists at LOSKY.

What is the performance of PV plants?

The basic point of view that affects the price of photovoltaic panels is their performance, i.e. how many kW they are able to produce. For panels, the unit kWp (kilowatt-peak) is commonly given.

This unit is used to measure the peak power of the PV plant, i.e. how much power the panel provides in standard test conditions (STC – standard test conditions). These conditions depend on three basic points:

  1. Energy hits the photovoltaic panel perpendicularly. Impact energy value = 1 kW/m².
  2. The transparency of the atmosphere corresponds to the value Am = 1.5.
  3. Temperature (T) of the panels = 25 °C.

Under adverse weather conditions, size, pitch and orientation of the roof, performance will naturally be lower. Conversely, during midday under ideal conditions, the power value may rise slightly above these standards in our climate zone. In practice, 1 kWp produces roughly 950 kWh of electricity per year.

With the development of technology, the performance of the panels continues to improve as well as their lifespan, which is usually guaranteed up to 25 years. In the past, solar panels had a power of around 210 Wp, and today they are commonly available in a power range with more than twice the power, i.e. 450 Wp.

We at LOSKY will install smaller photovoltaic power plants up to 10 kWh within one day, so that the installation process does not disturb you more than necessary.