“Photovoltaics? Install as soon as possible,” advises Jiří Mihel

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Purchasing a photovoltaic power plant is an easy way to save energy. In addition, subsidies today will help us significantly accelerate the return on this investment, which will pay off in the long term. Jiří Mihel, owner of the MISURA company, has been using photovoltaics for over 10 years. How did he choose and how satisfied is he with FVE?

What led you to purchase a photovoltaic power plant?

In particular, it was the financial self-sufficiency of the house, less dependence on external suppliers, and thus a reduction in the risk of too large fluctuations in electricity charges. Especially now the last one has turned out to be very significant.

How long did it take you to choose FVE and how long did the actual implementation take?

I installed PV already in the first wave of installations, i.e. around 2010. Back then it was something completely new, so I did a lot of comparing options, panel suppliers, but also the inverters themselves, trying to calculate the return. The installation itself then took place very quickly.

How did you choose the supplier?

According to what panels they use, how they approach the installation itself, what deadlines they have and also according to the price.

How long have you had photovoltaics and how satisfied are you?

I have had FVE since about 2010. It was a perfect decision, I absolutely do not regret this investment.

What does the roof look like (what type) that you installed the panels on?

We have the installation on a gable roof covered with burnt tiles. We are lucky that it is situated almost to the south with an ideal slope. Thanks to this, the structure could be placed directly on the bags.

What system did you choose? How do you work with excess energy, for example do you have battery storage?

At the time of installation, there were not many systems to choose from. The batteries did not fit. So we have a tariff where we supply the surplus to the public grid. We only use what we produce at the moment of consumption. Today I am thinking about buying an additional battery, and thus fully utilizing all the electricity produced.

Did you have to make any modifications to the house in connection with the implementation of the photovoltaic power plant?

The impact was minimal. We only had to tighten the wiring from the roof. For stretching, we used the ventilation from the hood. We ran the cabling to the garage, where there is an inverter and connection to the public network

Have you calculated the return on this investment?

The payback at the time of installation was 5-8 years, depending on whether you invested your own money or borrowed money. The contract itself was then signed for 25 years.

Are you thinking about expanding or are you satisfied with the current state?

I would very much like to consider an expansion, but in my case it would rather be the construction of a new additional system. I can no longer intervene at the moment.

How demanding is a photovoltaic power plant to maintain?

Maintenance is basically zero. However, I recommend washing PV panels at least once a year.

What would you recommend to people who are thinking about a photovoltaic power plant?

Install as soon as possible. Every day you delay is your loss. Regarding the selection of the supplier, check their previous implementations and look at the parameters of the installed equipment.

Can you tell us something about your brand MISURA?

As with FVE, I do not regret the day I launched the MISURA brand project. We managed to build the foundations of a reasonable portfolio of above-average quality, with a team that lives for the brand as much as I do. It is a joy to act and create in such an environment. I’m really looking forward to next year. We will introduce new products across the entire portfolio and we have huge plans not only in the development of exports, but also in the development of our team.