PV return

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V dnešní době zdražování vzrostl zájem o fotovoltaiku. Co můžeme udělat pro to, aby pro nás byla investice výhodná a vrátila se nám co nejdříve? In today’s era of rising prices, interest in photovoltaics has increased. What can we do to make the investment profitable for us and return to us as soon as possible?

FVE price

With the development of technology, the performance and lifespan of solar panels have improved. The warranty on the solar power plant covers a period of up to 25 years, but in reality the lifespan is longer. Life expectancy decreases by about 0.7% every year.

At the same time, the price of one module has decreased rapidly over the last 10 years, today you can buy it for around 3,500 CZK, which was unthinkable in the past. However, the total price of the power plant is higher, because other components are also needed to run the PV plant, such as inverters, batteries, etc.

Subsidy from the New Green Savings program

The return on your investment will be significantly accelerated if you apply for subsidies from the NZÚ program, which can range up to 50% of the cost of PV. As the program supports several types of green energy, you can also combine subsidies with, for example, a heat pump.

Accumulation of energy

An important aspect of the return is above all the way in which excess energy is dealt with [click on the article on accumulation] so that there are no unwanted losses. This is because we can accumulate energy in the battery and use it later or, for example, use it to heat water or a swimming pool.


The building where you want to build a PV plant should be used for permanent housing. The consumption on your project should be set to a sufficient amount, i.e. at least 70%. If it is a house intended for seasonal, recreational living, most of the consumed electricity will go back into the distribution network, thereby worsening the return on investment.

Other factors

The performance of the panels depends on the climate of your residence and the orientation of the roof to the respective side of the world. Furthermore, the slope of the roof, the slope of the panels and their number, i.e. the total size of the solar power plant, play a role here.

Calculation of return

Today, the total payback period is around 10 years, and with rising energy prices, it can get shorter. Contact us for a free consultation, where we will make a calculation tailored to your conditions and advise you on the most advantageous solution for you.