FVE to the pool

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Swimming pool heating using photovoltaics can be an ideal choice during the summer months. Which photovoltaic system is the most advantageous?

Direct heating of water with photovoltaic panels

A frequent motivation for the purchase of photovoltaics is the heating of cold water in an outdoor pool by local connection to a free-standing solar collector. This option is certainly an interesting solution for using excess energy, but it also has its pitfalls.

In addition, this method is too dependent on the weather. In case of high cloud cover, the efficiency will decrease a bit and the water in the pool may even get colder. In the strong summer sun, there are unnecessarily high losses of excess energy, because there is nowhere to store it. In winter, the output will decrease so much that the panel cannot heat the water, and there is also a risk of the liquid freezing.

The cost of solar panels has dropped significantly in recent years. The more powerful PVs are more advantageous than a separate local power supply, and pro tends to move away from it.

Heating using FVE with battery storage

One of the best solutions is to think about connecting the whole house to more powerful photovoltaics on the roof or wherever you want with battery storage. Then only excess energy flows into the pool heating, which is more than enough in the summer. This should tighten both the water heating and the power supply to the water pump and filtration. This means that you will use the highest possible percentage of the solar energy.

Heating using hot water storage

A cheaper way is accumulation in water. Surpluses from the solar power plant are sent to the pool in the summer and the boiler will supply you with hot water in the winter. The type of switch recommended by the supplier will be added to the system, allowing you to heat either the pool or the boiler.

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