On which side of the world is it suitable to install the panels

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The ideal orientation for efficiency is south, and further south-east or south-west, when losses range up to a minuscule 5%. But the solar power plant can be installed on practically any side, it pays to use all orientations except pure north. Installing a PV system on a north-facing roof is no longer recommended because we cannot guarantee a timely return on investment and proper efficiency.

If you don’t have a south-facing roof, here are some basic solutions. For a personal consultation, do not hesitate to contact us at LOSKA.

East-west orientation

With an exclusive east-west orientation, panels are installed from both sides on particularly gabled roofs. The panels can also be lifted from the roof up towards the south, but this solution is first of all not very aesthetic, and secondly, the east-west orientation of the PV plant has its advantages.

You’ll get electricity all day long because you’ll keep the plant running longer, so it’ll work longer, and you’ll have more surface area to generate power. This means that your returns are not reduced.

Solar panels on the facade

Solar panels on the facade are most effective on the upper floors. They can be installed both vertically and with the help of special structures that tilt the panels to the optimal angle.

Solar panels in the garden

Photovoltaics can also be placed along the facade of the house or on the plot using a structure where we set the desired slope. According to the decree, vegetation should grow under the panels. However, these free-standing panels are unfortunately prone to vandalism, so we recommend taking out insurance for the panels against destruction.


Trackers are rotating heads on which, like a sunflower, they turn to face the sun. Single-axis trackers move only in the east-west direction, dual-axis trackers can also keep the panels in the optimal inclination perpendicular to the sun’s rays. However, they require more maintenance, which results in an increase in financial demands