LOSKY s.r.o.

We have been operating on the telecommunications market since 2006. From what was originally a design office, we have built a business, design and construction company that cooperates on projects in the field of telecommunications and energy throughout the Czech Republic.


The Energo division belongs to the most important work sections of LOSKY, s.r.o. We have experience in implementing projects not only in the Czech Republic, but also in Ukraine and Turkey. Our employees have been preparing projects for photovoltaic power plants since 2006. We will surely be the right partner for you.

The story of LOSKY

The origin of LOSKY

Establishment of a legal entity
TB Line of sight


Construction of new acquisitions

Offices in Hybler premises
Vodafone construction acquisitions


Czech Radio Communications

Framework agreement with Czech
radiocommunications, a. s.


Expansion of scope

Deeper cooperation with Vodafone,


New offices

New offices
Projection extension


Entering the German market

Transformation into LOSKY, s.r.o.
Founding of LOSKY GmbH
Entering the German market
Enter the broadcast
DVB-T MUX8 projection (13 transmitters)


Construction of transmitters

Complete projection and construction of DVB-T (12 transmitters)
Pilot installation and projection


A nationwide network

Nationwide DAB network (50 transmitters)
DVB-T decoders (50 transmitters)


IoT network

IoT Network - Lora, a national network
Line constructions - T-Mobile projections
Opening of a branch in Benešov
INS T-Mobile projections - 18 cities


T-Mobile, CETIN

Signing of T-Mobile framework contract for linear construction of 13 DAB transmitters nationwide
Signing of the framework contract with CETIN for the construction of the line network and a contract for the design, construction and maintenance of the fixed network
Opening of a branch in Brno


Sales Department

In order to provide the perfect service for our growing number of customers, we have opened a sales department.


Capacity increase

Projection increase by 200%,
Trade volume increase by 300%


ENERGO Division

We benefit on our experience in the construction of solar power plants in the new separate ENERGO division.


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The company LOSKY, s.r.o. is one of the largest suppliers of construction of microwave links,…

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The company LOSKY, s.r.o. is one of the largest suppliers of construction of microwave links,…

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