Financing the construction of PV plants

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The Czech Republic supports the construction of solar power plants as a renewable energy source. You can apply for a subsidy to reduce the purchase price and thus significantly speed up the return on investment. In addition, LOSKY will help you with the application, we have many years of experience with this.

Subsidy program New green savings

The New Green Savings Program (NZÚ), valid for the years 2021 – 2030, subsidizes the installation of photovoltaics, thermal insulation of buildings, heat pumps, boiler replacement, etc. It was created for the purpose of saving energy, i.e. increasing the energy efficiency of buildings. It thus follows the European Union’s strategy for reducing emissions.

Most banking companies support modern technologies for electricity generation by providing loans. The saved energy and the long service life of the equipment will then help you repay the loan.

Conditions for obtaining a subsidy

The subsidy is provided for new FVE paid from 1/1/2021. All owners, natural and legal persons, can apply. The object in question should be intended for permanent residence and meet the definition of a family home.

Photovoltaics can be placed on the roof of the building, on the facade, and now also on related objects such as garages, pergolas, etc. Freestanding objects must be registered in the land registry to receive subsidies. The PV plant can also be placed on a special structure next to the plot, but it must not prevent the growth of vegetation below it.

What do I need to apply?

Processing the application is significantly simplified for the current period. There is no need for an energy assessment, project documentation or a tender procedure, so that anyone can reach the grant as quickly as possible. You can only submit it electronically with the appropriate documents attached to the State Environmental Fund. The contribution is usually paid within 6-8 weeks after the PV installation.

So getting a subsidy is not a complicated matter at all. The conditions have been significantly simplified compared to last summer. The granted contribution will cover up to 50% of the total price of the FVE. See in what ways the PV subsidies can be used further.